• FeltUnited – International Day of Felt
    • 1st Saturday of October annually

What is it? On the internation FeltUnited day, people from all around the globe celebrate working with felt. Why don’t you join us?

things you could do;

  • show your felt to your neighbours, to your family, to an audience.
  • Hang a felt piece on your front door or in a gallery.
  • decorate a fence, statue, building, park or yourself!
  • plan a workshop
  • teach children (and adults!) how to felt :)
  • talk about felt
  • write an article about felt or the makers
  • get others involved – a community project, an open studio, a ‘felt-in’
  • collaborate with a felter in another city, country on another planet..
  • and enjoy! because beyond the exhibits and themes, it is the International Day of Felt… enjoy it!

One Comment on “Worldwide”

  1. November 14, 2012 at 14:21 #

    Girls this is the link for the first felt united Brazil . Olease give reply. many thanks.

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