The (much anticipated) FeltUnited Newsletter 2012

After many virtual coffees and long talks, Here comes the first newsletter of 2012. There is a lot of information, so grab a coffee and try to take it all in.

First, we have for a multitude of reasons decided to ‘close the book’ on FeltUnited as it currently stands. We have had a lovely three years, and have come full circle with our color theme. So, in commemoration of this, and partially due to the fact that Apple is shutting down (June 2012) the platform on which FeltUnited is currently built, we have decided to produce a FeltUnited Book featuring works of the last three years. A book about all the work that has been done by you, the participants, and how the FeltUnited Day has been celebrated around the globe. We will let you know more when we know more!

Second, online: What started out as an idea to bring felters together across the planet, did so and much more. Our Facebook group is one of, if not the largest group of feltmakers online. A groups of artists with a common passion. Connections have been made that otherwise would not exist, and we hope that will continue. So to replace our current online format, we are setting up a new blog and have decided to use Facebook as the ‘online forum’ for FeltUnited, as we simply do not have the capacity to start from scratch on a new website this year. The Facebook group also allows for a more interactive format, but do not think that it is going to continue as it has on the group.. we are making a few changes, and in doing so, are going to ask more from you, in a variety or ways:

1. Think about the theme (don’t worry.. it’s coming :)) think of what it means, how you can convey it through felt.. not just the obvious colors, or the word, but the essence of the theme.

2. Then go about making your work, make it the best work you can, not just something that will suit the theme that you can slap together at the last minute, but really put your heart in it.

3. Take great photos! If you want tips on how, we can provide links. The chances that everyone will see your work and admire it in person is pretty slim, but we can all see it online, make it shine! Take photos like a pro, or ask a friend who is good with their camera to help you.

4. Save your best shots – save them for posting on the Day, so that we can all go online and revel in our Day, instead of dribbling it over the year. If you are keen to share, give us  a hint, a glimpse, whet our appetite… but keep the surprise until October!

5. Once the FeltUnited day has come and you have your work proudly ready, post it on the Facebook page, and send a hi-res version to our submissions email address, so that we can have it for the archives (for potential print or online use).

6. Get your felt out there, collaborate with other artists.. use Facebook to find them, ask who might like to work together.. get back to how FeltUnited first started, what it was all about. Not just an opportunity to get a photo in an exhibit, but a chance to revel in what you love, be bold, rock the world (as Elis loves to say!) and do MORE! Use this as a chance to bring your skills to the next level, to push yourself, no matter what your level is. If you are a beginner, there is nothing wrong with that! And if you are a master felter with decades of experience, give us a masterpiece!  Step up to the plate, and bring a friend!

So now.. what you have all been waiting for.. the theme:

We can tell you that it was difficult. We thought long and hard, dreamt and wasted many pieces of paper with our notes and possibilities but we figured it out. A theme that we know you will all love and that will spark your imagination.


now stop.

close your eyes and think about it. Think about that word… fire, about every aspect, about the meaning, what it looks like, love the colours, feel the heat, find warmth in the friendships, taste the food, smell… use all of your senses… then dream of the possibilities.

oh yes.. and before we forget.. the date.. as always, first saturday in October – so this year October 6th, 2012 :)

Elis Vermeulen and Cynthia Reynolds

3 Comments on “Newsletter”

  1. October 9, 2012 at 20:23 #

    How do I join felt unoted…is there a process or can i just say I would love to join…cedar

  2. teresa berger
    February 12, 2012 at 16:47 #

    I can’t get into the featured artist. I only get leave a comment

    • February 12, 2012 at 17:37 #

      To read the interviews: select Featured Artists on the top right of the page and see the drop down list.

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