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Happy FeltUnited day everyone!

The fire is on!

Let’s make it a really good one!



The countdown is on!

The countdown is on!
Saturday marks the 4th Annual FeltUnited Day, with artists sharing their love of felt around the world.

This year, unlike in past years, we are using our facebook page as our prime forum for sharing our images. Teasers have been popping up, and there are some brilliants works depicting this years theme: FIRE!

We can’t wait until Saturday to see what everyone has been working on!

We must remind you, that posting on facebook is only one part of the process. In order for your images to be used in print/online formats, magazine reviews etc..  we require them to be submitted in hi-res format and our submission form filled out. You can find the link to it here.

If you have not found our facebook page, be sure to join us! and remember: save your pics for Saturday, submit them and then sit back with a coffee and enjoy what everyone else is sharing :)

Together – we Felt United!

So cool!

Every year we all enjoyed seeing the cool, lovley, different and beautiful pieces from amazing people around the globe and we hope you are full of ideas and plans and doing the global collaboration or talking thing again this year. If you have any shots or stories to share about this year’s FeltUnited day you can do that on the FeltUnited facebook page. we are looking forward to your posts with this fiery theme.

If you want to let us all know what you are organizing or want to attrackt more people you can post your event on the exhibitions page here on the site or send us an email and we will do it for you. Also if you want to share your Blog post about FeltUnited on the facebook page feel free!

Some lovely shots from the year 2010 which had the theme, From yellow to blue.

Canada – Trine Schioldan

USA – Pat Spark

Chile – Daniela Rieloff

UK – Angela Mehlert

Czech Republic – Marina MundryanPoland Dorota Jarocka

Germany – Susanne Rens

Italy – Ruth Baumer

Netherlands – Truus Huijbregts

Japan – Jorie Johnson

Hi there.

In coming weeks we will post some of your favorites photo’s of the FeltUnited previous years. Just to make you smile. ;) Well.. and also to stimulate, inspire and promote.

We are going to start with some of the 2009 shots and the theme in that year was  ‘From yellow to red.’


Jane Hewitt, Canada

Tina Rasmussen, Denmark

Kerstin Bennier, Austria

Anne Mortimer, New Zealand

Andrea Graham Canada

Siv Goransson and Gabriëlla Cunha, Uruguay

Monica Blattman, Switzerland

Call for submissions by Tracey Markey and Angela Barrow.

Call for submissions:

 The dying of the sun – a meditation on fire

To celebrate the fourth annual International Day of Felt, Tracy Markey and Angela Barrow invite you to participate in their exhibition to be held at The Barn Gallery, Perthshire.  The exhibition will run from 5th to 12th October 2012.

There are two opportunities available and artists are welcome to submit work for one or both of them.

Main Exhibition:   Artwork can be 2D or 3D and must contain an element of felt.  However, mixed/multi media pieces are encouraged.  Artists can submit up to three pieces for consideration.  Please be as creative as you wish with your interpretation of the theme!

Collaborative piece:   With your help, we are going to create a huge fire inspired piece to form part of the exhibition.

We are seeking pieces for inclusion … think flames; smoke; sparks; embers …  these will then be assembled in situ to create one large piece of work.

Your piece(s) can be any size, shape and combination of colours, as long as they are made from felt (other textiles can be included but should not be the main material).

To register your interest, and receive further details, please send an email to Tracy Markey,, by Thursday 28th June 2012. 

If you wish to be considered for the main exhibition please include three images of your previous work along with a description of the piece(s) you propose to submit for the exhibition.

* Image taken from an original by Morgan Downie

When we started this world wide Felt celebrating event, a lot of thought went into the ‘why?’..

Why did we think about setting up such a day and for who?

The main idea behind FeltUnited is that those who work with felt,  for a living or for their hobby, could, with all the other felters around the globe, have a special day to show each other, their neighbourhood, community, city, country, globe, what they do and make with felt. The theme we have each FeltUnited year is in fact ‘just’ a tool or hook.

FeltUnited gives us a special day to, as we already so often said, rock the world a bit. This idea is the same :) although the site and other things might have changed.

In the beginning people asked how they could participate and what they could do and we talked about it on the web and via emails and soon saw other and new ideas emerge. Where we talked about the possibility of a Felt guerilla, people took it one step further. When we mentioned collaboration, people set up amazing connections. (The Battle coat made by;Joni Cornell, Australia. Victoria Clegg,Greensboro,USA. Dawn Edwards, Plainwell, Michigan. Althea Bilodeau, USA. Ginny French, Fairfield, USA. Lisa Kaftori, Israel is such a perfect amazing example) . Other amazing things were set in action, gorgeous creatures were set in windows, hung on fences. Lovely ladies were suddenly wearing colourful felt pieces in parks. Rocks and houses were dressed and people came together, contacted each other and invited others to take a look. Schools were involved, exhibits put up in museums and studio’s were opened for public.

It made it all clear again perfectly clear. FeltUnited is about you guys. About your ideas, your work and your enthusiasm.

So, if you have any plans for FeltUnited 2012, anything you want to share with us on the subject, feel free, we’d love to hear from you. If you are looking for collaborations we might be able to help. And if you want to advertize an event or exhibit you can either send the info or post the info yourself on the Exhibition page or FeltUnited Facebook page. If you are in need of a kick start or buzz, you might want to click on ‘About’ and see the exhibits in the scroll down menu.

Good luck!

Fire piece by Elis Vermeulen 2012

Eva Basile

With in-depth knowledge and hands on experience, Eva’s textile abilities are formidable.. read her interview here

Pamela MacGregor

With a background teaching art for over 30 years, Pamela takes three dimensional vessels to a whole new level.. read more here

Andrea Graham

Andrea Graham, her style is her own, and the quality unsurpassed. read her interview here

Kristi Felts

Kristi Felts, a feltmaker with over 20 years of experience, currently passionate about wearables, click here to read her interview

Favorite wool?

More then merely merino….

You learn more about different breeds at Pat Spark’s and at Sheep101.

Let’s stew.

So, Fire is the theme of this year. Have you thought about it yet? thought about the word? About stuff you could do? work with? people to collaborate with? desires? The reason for this post full of links is to give your brains a bit of a push or just to give you a pleasant time by seeing and realizing how artists used Fire as a theme or literary in their work. Let’s investigate and see where it brings us.

We are going to start with Paul Klee, a painter who made Fire in the evening in 1929 and Johannes Itten’s Tower of fire. completely different pieces and colours. Next in line is the stunning work Ring of fire by Teresita Fernandez. Take a look at the work done by the Fire arts Collective, it might give you some chills down your spine, either from fear or joy.:)  Maybe your brain will be triggered by the colours of the Anagama fired pottery by Dick Lehman  or the work by Peter Covacsy,  the shapes of colours in Hillary Kane’s work. And for those of you who like the more industrial, maybe these Fire pits gives you an idea to work on.

Last link, well for today anyway, do take a look at the work by the artists Thyra Hilden and Pio Diaz, Monumental and impressive.

Regina Doseth

Dreaming of felt & seeing the world through felt eyes…

Click here to read her interview

Jorie Johnson

A contemporary nomad, with wool in her ‘family’s DNA‘  – her in depth knowledge of the medium and vast range of experience has her at the top of her field.

Click here to read her interview