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It’s raining here this morning and all of the water has me thinking about FeltUnited and wondering what you might be planning as a way to celebrate Felt United on October 5, 2013. Perhaps an open studio, working on a collaborative effort, sharing your felting knowledge with family, friends and community, a fashion show…The possibilities are as deep as the ocean.

Nicola and I are so pleased with all of the creative felt images posted to the Facebook FeltUnited page. I love water, so it’s been great to focus on this most necessary element and to see your interpretations. Of all of the places on earth that bring me the greatest joy, I’d have to say that those moments generally involve water. Where do I go if  I’ve had a stressful week? A drive to Lake Michigan and a stroll on the beach….Seems to put life into perspective and calms me. How do I typically end the day? With a hot, relaxing shower. Favorite vacations with family and friends? Almost all involve water … Niagara Falls, Virginia Beach, Myrtle Beach, Grand Cayman, etc. Looking back, I’ve always been drawn to water. Images of water fill my mind….The excitement that I felt on my first ever passport related trip last year to visit great buddy and FeltUnited partner, Nicola Brown…and flying over Dublin Bay just before landing. Why, it gave me goosebumps! And, then this year’s trip to visit Joni in Australia….and the most magnificent of sights imaginable…The beauty of the Great Ocean Road and the sight of the limestone stack formations of the Twelve Apostles created through erosion by the water, was truly one of the most spectacular sights that I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing.  All have feelings/emotions connected through images of water, and it’s so interesting to see all of the various takes on this  shown through your beautiful photos on our Facebook FeltUnited page. Thank you so much for uniting through this year’s theme….Nicola and I appreciate your thoughtful submissions greatly.

Water, such a necessary part of life…we can’t live without it. It’s one of the four known basic elements. And, while I love water, and find it inspiring, I also know that as with all of the elements, including wind, fire, and earth, it holds destructive powers, too… too much and flooding occurs, too little, droughts and the devastation that it causes, and we’ve certainly seen both instances in recent days. Sue Hale (GlitterGirl Feltworks on Facebook) submitted the attached photo of her water themed piece, “Seiche”. Sue gave us some background information on her submission, stating that, ‘A seiche is a standing wave in an enclosed, or partially enclosed, body of water. In 1912, my hometown of South Haven, Michigan experienced this phenomenon. The wave was reported to be almost 20 feet high and destroyed bath houses on the beach as well as sweeping small craft out of the river.’  South Haven is about an hour from my home, yet I had never heard of this phenomenon. Thank you Sue for your amazing submission.

I’m also so taken by Ingrid Garrod’s (Leiden, the Netherlands) felt water pot. Ingrid states that her ‘Water Pot’ is, ‘A tribute to the countless women who walk long distances to collect water for their families.’ Ingrid’s thoughtful contribution serves as a reminder that those of us who are fortunate enough to turn the handle of a faucet and have water appear are very blessed indeed. Many around the world do not have that luxury. Thank you Ingrid.

And, so much skill and effort went into Galina Blazejewska’s (Kołobrzeg, Poland) gorgeous ‘Under the Sea’ felt coat. Thank you for adding such beauty to our FeltUnited page, Galina.

So, what will be your take on water? Please continue to post your photos on our FeltUnited Facebook page, and remember when doing so to write a brief explanation of how your piece relates to water. We love hearing about the thought processes that went into your creation. Also, just a quick mention that if you’re not yet a member of the FeltUnited Facebook group, please just click on the link and request to join….We’d love to have you included…We Felt United.

Looking forward to seeing what’s in your mind’s eye for this year’s FeltUnited theme…Water…

Happy felting all….

Dawn Edwards

Our 2013 FeltUnited theme is WATER!!!

We are thrilled to announce that the theme for this years FeltUnited day is WATER!!! On Saturday 5th October 2013 people from all around the globe will join together to celebrate working with felt, why don’t you join us and share in the fun? There are many ways in which you can celebrate our wonderful yet ancient craft, here are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

  • show your felt to your neighbours, to your family, to an audience
  • hang a felt piece on your front door or in a gallery
  • decorate a fence, statue, building, park or yourself!
  • plan a workshop
  • teach children and adults how to felt
  • talk about felt
  • write an article about felt or the makers
  • get others involved – a community project, an open studio, a ‘felt-in’
  • collaborate with a felter in another city, country on another planet
  • enjoy felt!

In the meanwhile, our Facebook page is now open for comments, thoughts and ideas for the 2013 event. We also welcome pictures of felt inspired by our new theme, WATER, when posting pictures please make sure to leave a short description saying exactly HOW your piece got its inspiration. NB As moderators of the Facebook group we reserve the right to remove any picture without consultation if we feel it does not conform to the 2013 theme.

2013 FeltUnited inspired nuno felt dress

An example of the sort of picture we welcome, Nika Ivanoff and her son working on a water inspired felt dress

Please check out the guidelines for joining the group if you have any questions in this regard as we do not want to offend anyone unintentionally or remove pictures unnecessarily. Also please note, in deference to others it would be appreciated if group members do not post multiple pictures of similar items one after the other, we want to make sure that everybody has an equal opportunity to participate in all aspects of the group!

Your new FeltUnited team!

Dear all,

Let me start by introducing myself just in case you are wondering, ‘Who is this Dawn Edwards’? I live in a small town of about 4,000 people in Plainwell, Michigan, 2.5 hours from Detroit, 3 hours to Chicago, and I have been felting approximately eight years now, having loved it from the very beginning. I can’t explain exactly what draws me to it so, but I know that it is like a magnet….pulling me towards it most every day, and when I’m not ‘with it’, I’m thinking about it. So now you know, I have a one-track mind!

I must say that I’m so honored to have been asked to jump on board with FeltUnited, as I love everything that it stands for…Love that it involves felting, and through our shared passion, helps to connect people in a world where it sometimes seems hard to make connections, to forge strong bonds. And, I know for a fact, that this platform has the power to do that. I have found some of my dearest friends through feltmaking and for that I am so very grateful.

Speaking of friends, I am thrilled to be working with long-time friend, Nicola Brown, who I met online through feltmaking some years back, me following her wonderful blog, and also joining in on some of her felt swaps, later having her teach here in my hometown (several times), and then me traveling to Ireland to teach there just last Spring. It’s amazing to me that we’ve had these opportunities through the gift of feltmaking and I’m looking forward to adding this new component to our friendship. Thank you Nicola for partnering with me on this new adventure. We’ll navigate this path much better than my sense of driving directions!!!

While excited about this new opportunity, I must admit to being a bit nervous, too. Someone entrusting you with something that they love, and have created, is a big responsibility. So, thank you Elis and Cynthia, for entrusting me/us to continue on this path that you so lovingly began. And, I say that, because there was never any pay involved…no one knows the many countless hours that you poured your heart and soul into this project…devoting your time and energy to it because it felt like the right thing to do…and you loved feltmaking…and in turn, loved us, too…Knowing that somehow felt held the power to bond people right along with those wonderful wool fibers.

I read once that feltmaking was in ancient days thought to have magical powers. And, I can totally understand that….It has been magic to me… having led me on some of the most amazing journeys. And, I hope that for each of you reading this post, that if you haven’t as yet experienced the magic of felt, that it is just around the next bend for you and your life.

Please be a bit patient with us as we embark on this new journey of FeltUnited, and all that goes along with it. Nicola and I will need a little time to get up to speed, put our heads together, and then we hope that you will join us in the celebration of all things felt, both the fiber and the friendships….as we begin the planning of FeltUnited 2013.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart dear Elis and Cynthia, for a job so much more than well done…You dreamed the dream, put it into motion, saw it through to this point, and are now turning it over to two entirely different dreamers. Thank you for your friendship and your generous heart(s), and once again, for giving me wings to fly.

With a grateful heart…
Much love,

Dear Fellow Felters,
Greetings from the other half of this new FeltUnited partnership!
My name is Nicola Brown and I live in a quiet, rural community in south eastern Ireland. My introduction to felting came in August 2007 when a Spanish girl living locally asked me if she could facilitate felting workshops for children at a sustainable festival I was involved in organising. Immediately I agreed with one provision, adults be allowed to participate too! I’d seen two small flat felt pictures that a friend had made in art college and had vowed at the time to learn more about the ancient technique of wet felting. After that first session at the festival I was hooked, the facilitator Carmen Sanchez Padron has become one of my best friends and an exciting textile journey had begun.
Since then I’ve participated and organised many Irish and international workshops and symposiums, a vital way for me to learn new skills and make friends in the greater felting community. I have been teaching once or twice each year in California, Michigan and Kentucky since facilitating my first US workshop in 2009 and this year I added a residential week in Portugal to my regular schedule. One of my greatest achievements to date has been encouraging Dawn to get a passport!!! Having her visit me this year in Ireland and teach two workshops was wonderful, now the ice is broken she’s already got her bags packed for a return trip in March 2013! Blogging and participating actively on Facebook and other social media sites has allowed me engage with an ever widening group of felters and artists worldwide, it’s just wonderful to put faces to the names when we meet at various events throughout the year! I absolutely love felting by myself at home or in my studio every day if possible and being active online is an amazing tool to reach out and learn from or offer support to anyone, anywhere, at any time of the day or night. I’ve also had the opportunity to self-publish two felting books with a UK friend; the internet really is an incredible facility to introduce like minded people to each other.
It’s also true that many artists at times feel isolated, especially if they live in remote areas or practice a discipline that has not traditionally been a craft in their region. FeltUnited is a marvellous movement that helps us connect and engage with others who already love to explore the possibilities of working with wool and see how far they can push the felting boundaries. Elis and Cynthia have blazed a trail that Dawn and I are so incredibly honoured to follow. Working with Dawn is going to be a blast, we really tick on the same wavelength and I’m so looking forward to the journey together!
Thanks Elis and Cynthia from the bottom of my heart for having the confidence in us to hand over the reins and encouraging us to continue the amazing work that you have started. We really will do everything in our power to continue holding out the hand of friendship and uniting people through our love of felting. Please bear with us folks as Dawn and I move forwards, it’s going to take some time and hard work to really get to grips with the power of FeltUnited but I know with your support we’ll have fun while we’re doing it.




Okay, brace yourselves.;) Cynthia and I decided it is time to say goodbye. It is time for others to take over FeltUnited, time for new blood. ..Ok.. that sounds a bit creepy.. grinning..

So we looked for people who would want and love to take over FeltUnited and we found them. Through the years we worked on this global event, the friendship between Cynthia and I was always the key, it ruled every decision. And I am happy that the ones taking over are friends too. Both felters, both kind and both hard workers.

Cynthia and I have had a good time working together and I will surely miss that. We loved getting to know so many people and we were, every year, amazed by the amount of participants, about how enthusiastic people all over the globe worked on this FeltUnited day, the amazing things people did and made. How  the love you all have of this medium felt, had no boundaries and took no notice of borders and we thank you for you and for all you did. You rocked the world.

We will be working on the background for a little while but will both be busy concentrating on other things, family and work. Cynthia is busy on a variety of projects both in the studio, as well as in her kitchen, and as always focusing on family life. And I am focussing on work and on travels and teaching but also enjoying a bit of rest after working on an Installation project from which Duinvlegels made a short video which will go online here today(!) as a farewell.

So this post is about saying farewell and about saying welcome!…

Ladies and gentleman, may I introduce to you as your new FeltUnited team..Dawn Edwards from the US and Nicola Brown from Ireland!! (trumpets guys!) From now on you can ask them any question you want!:)  Dawn and Nicola, we wish you all the best and don’t forget to enjoy the ride!


Elis Vermeulen from Duinvlegels on Vimeo.

Happy FeltUnited day everyone!

The fire is on!

Let’s make it a really good one!


The countdown is on!

The countdown is on!
Saturday marks the 4th Annual FeltUnited Day, with artists sharing their love of felt around the world.

This year, unlike in past years, we are using our facebook page as our prime forum for sharing our images. Teasers have been popping up, and there are some brilliants works depicting this years theme: FIRE!

We can’t wait until Saturday to see what everyone has been working on!

We must remind you, that posting on facebook is only one part of the process. In order for your images to be used in print/online formats, magazine reviews etc..  we require them to be submitted in hi-res format and our submission form filled out. You can find the link to it here.

If you have not found our facebook page, be sure to join us! and remember: save your pics for Saturday, submit them and then sit back with a coffee and enjoy what everyone else is sharing :)

Together – we Felt United!

So cool!

Every year we all enjoyed seeing the cool, lovley, different and beautiful pieces from amazing people around the globe and we hope you are full of ideas and plans and doing the global collaboration or talking thing again this year. If you have any shots or stories to share about this year’s FeltUnited day you can do that on the FeltUnited facebook page. we are looking forward to your posts with this fiery theme.

If you want to let us all know what you are organizing or want to attrackt more people you can post your event on the exhibitions page here on the site or send us an email and we will do it for you. Also if you want to share your Blog post about FeltUnited on the facebook page feel free!

Some lovely shots from the year 2010 which had the theme, From yellow to blue.

Canada – Trine Schioldan

USA – Pat Spark

Chile – Daniela Rieloff

UK – Angela Mehlert

Czech Republic – Marina MundryanPoland Dorota Jarocka

Germany – Susanne Rens

Italy – Ruth Baumer

Netherlands – Truus Huijbregts

Japan – Jorie Johnson

Hi there.

In coming weeks we will post some of your favorites photo’s of the FeltUnited previous years. Just to make you smile. ;) Well.. and also to stimulate, inspire and promote.

We are going to start with some of the 2009 shots and the theme in that year was  ‘From yellow to red.’


Jane Hewitt, Canada

Tina Rasmussen, Denmark

Kerstin Bennier, Austria

Anne Mortimer, New Zealand

Andrea Graham Canada

Siv Goransson and Gabriëlla Cunha, Uruguay

Monica Blattman, Switzerland

Call for submissions by Tracey Markey and Angela Barrow.

Call for submissions:

 The dying of the sun – a meditation on fire

To celebrate the fourth annual International Day of Felt, Tracy Markey and Angela Barrow invite you to participate in their exhibition to be held at The Barn Gallery, Perthshire.  The exhibition will run from 5th to 12th October 2012.

There are two opportunities available and artists are welcome to submit work for one or both of them.

Main Exhibition:   Artwork can be 2D or 3D and must contain an element of felt.  However, mixed/multi media pieces are encouraged.  Artists can submit up to three pieces for consideration.  Please be as creative as you wish with your interpretation of the theme!

Collaborative piece:   With your help, we are going to create a huge fire inspired piece to form part of the exhibition.

We are seeking pieces for inclusion … think flames; smoke; sparks; embers …  these will then be assembled in situ to create one large piece of work.

Your piece(s) can be any size, shape and combination of colours, as long as they are made from felt (other textiles can be included but should not be the main material).

To register your interest, and receive further details, please send an email to Tracy Markey,, by Thursday 28th June 2012. 

If you wish to be considered for the main exhibition please include three images of your previous work along with a description of the piece(s) you propose to submit for the exhibition.

* Image taken from an original by Morgan Downie

When we started this world wide Felt celebrating event, a lot of thought went into the ‘why?’..

Why did we think about setting up such a day and for who?

The main idea behind FeltUnited is that those who work with felt,  for a living or for their hobby, could, with all the other felters around the globe, have a special day to show each other, their neighbourhood, community, city, country, globe, what they do and make with felt. The theme we have each FeltUnited year is in fact ‘just’ a tool or hook.

FeltUnited gives us a special day to, as we already so often said, rock the world a bit. This idea is the same :) although the site and other things might have changed.

In the beginning people asked how they could participate and what they could do and we talked about it on the web and via emails and soon saw other and new ideas emerge. Where we talked about the possibility of a Felt guerilla, people took it one step further. When we mentioned collaboration, people set up amazing connections. (The Battle coat made by;Joni Cornell, Australia. Victoria Clegg,Greensboro,USA. Dawn Edwards, Plainwell, Michigan. Althea Bilodeau, USA. Ginny French, Fairfield, USA. Lisa Kaftori, Israel is such a perfect amazing example) . Other amazing things were set in action, gorgeous creatures were set in windows, hung on fences. Lovely ladies were suddenly wearing colourful felt pieces in parks. Rocks and houses were dressed and people came together, contacted each other and invited others to take a look. Schools were involved, exhibits put up in museums and studio’s were opened for public.

It made it all clear again perfectly clear. FeltUnited is about you guys. About your ideas, your work and your enthusiasm.

So, if you have any plans for FeltUnited 2012, anything you want to share with us on the subject, feel free, we’d love to hear from you. If you are looking for collaborations we might be able to help. And if you want to advertize an event or exhibit you can either send the info or post the info yourself on the Exhibition page or FeltUnited Facebook page. If you are in need of a kick start or buzz, you might want to click on ‘About’ and see the exhibits in the scroll down menu.

Good luck!

Fire piece by Elis Vermeulen 2012

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