2020 Felt United Theme: Confinement …

Nicola Brown and myself, Dawn Edwards, had a long Skype chat last week. Isn’t it wonderful that with today’s technologies that we have the ability to connect with friends and family during these most unusual of times? It made me happy to hear Nicola’s voice and to catch up on her life on the other side of the pond. We definitely need those connections during this extended period of social distancing and confinement. Historians are certainly documenting this extraordinary moment in history. As Nicola and I talked, we discussed several themes for Felt United 2020, but thought it would be fitting to mark this time in Felt United’s history through choosing a theme that reflects all that is currently transpiring and so chose the theme, ‘Confinement’. ‘Confinement’ will certainly mean and be interpreted differently by each of us, and that is a good thing. For some this period of confinement has been isolating, fearful and confusing. On the other side of the coin, I recently read an article from a visual artist in Spain, Cristobal Gabarrón, who stated, “As an artist, I need silence and isolation to work, so this imposed confinement didn’t disturb my daily life too much.” No matter where you fall on the confinement spectrum, perhaps in some small way through your Felt United creation and submission, you will find a way to “untrap” that sense of confinement, and work towards creating a sense of peace and resilience through a connection with others. That was, after all, the intent of Felt United’s originators, Elis Vermeulen and Cynthia Reynolds back in 2009 when they set forth the goal for this group of connecting feltmakers around the globe:

“Many feltmakers are geographically disconnected from their peers. There is a diversity of lifestyle, with some living on farms producing their own fibre, and others living in cities relying on major producers for their supplies. The tie that binds them is that they make felt, in all shapes and forms, everything from sturdy carpets to ethereal scarves or installation art. The world wide web provides us with a connection that brings us together.”

Felt United is celebrated annually on the first Saturday in October, so this year, October 3, 2020. Feltmakers from around the globe show their felt to the world, work on collaborations, celebrate, exhibit, teach, talk and share. Everybody in their own way, all united by working on the same theme, same day, same joy but different ideas.

If you haven’t been over to our Facebook site recently, do head over and take a look. If you aren’t already a Felt United member, request to join so that you may view images from past year’s Felt United themes, and in the near future you will begin to see images of this year’s theme being uploaded.

For those of you new to this inspirational group, or anyone wishing a refresher of our guidelines, here they are:

Felt – intertwined, bound together, forever as one – United …

Acceptance into this group indicates that you agree ONLY to post pictures of felt inspired by the current theme and we ask that when posting pictures please make sure to leave a short description of its inspiration. Please do not upload images with links to selling sites and limit the volume of images you post to give equal access to everyone. We ask that you give due consideration and thought into what you post and make this a meaningful experience for us all. We request a limit of no more than three images per submission and would appreciate no more than one submission per week to be uploaded by any individual member due to the rapid expansion of our group, now numbering well over 7,000 members. We look forward to seeing all of your thoughtful creations.

Our warmest regards,
Dawn Edwards (USA) and Nicola Brown (IRELAND)

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Author:Dawn Edwards/Felt So Right

Dawn Edwards is a felt artist and tutor based in Plainwell, Michigan USA. She sells her work under the label ‘Felt So Right’ and teaches extensively within the USA and internationally. Her felt art has appeared in numerous exhibitions, shows, magazines and books. For more information, see www.feltsoright.com.


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2 Comments on “2020 Felt United Theme: Confinement …”

  1. kirsten lang
    May 19, 2020 at 07:45 #

    Hello Nicola and Dawn!
    I have never personally welcomed you into the GRIMA group – WELCOME both of you, I am so pleased to have you as members and hope you will enjoy seeing our magazine … and practice your Danish! You are always welcome here in “The Blue House” in Roskilde, Dk.

    Can you join me on your list sending information via email please? = madamblue@hotmail.com belonging to Kirsten Lang, Denmark.

    Take good care of yourselves … love from Kirsten
    May 18, 2020

    • May 21, 2020 at 19:14 #

      Thank you so much, Kirsten. We are so happy to be members of GRIMA. I will practice reading the next issue of the magazine with my Michigan accent ;-) .

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