Felt United Day…Next Saturday, October 7, 2017

Only one week remaining until Felt United Day. Yes, Saturday, October 7, 2017 is just around the corner. Nicola and I hope that you are enjoying this year’s theme, ‘Collaboration’, where artists, perhaps working across different artistic media, produce a unified work. Whether you have chosen to work with another feltmaker, or to create a piece with an artist of another media, your creation will be the fusing of two (or more) artistic ideas/styles, creating a very unique work. We hope that you have found this to be an opportunity to collaborate with someone whose work you have admired….and for both of you to not only learn more about one another’s work, but more about each other.

You still have time to submit your image. If time has gotten away from you…not to worry…While Saturday, October 7 is the official Felt United day, we will keep the window to submit photos open for an additional month. We’re certainly looking forward to seeing your vision for this year’s theme, ‘Collaboration’, and whether you submit your image over the next week, or the next month, we will be eagerly looking forward to seeing your collaborative project.

When you have a minute, do head over to Facebook to see the submissions (from this year and year’s past) from Felt United members all around the world. We look forward to seeing many more photos on our Felt United Facebook page. We also love hearing how you might celebrate International Felt United Day (October 7). Once you’ve made your plans, please be sure to paste a link to your event on the Felt United Events page so that others in your area are made aware of what’s taking place.

We wish everyone all the best for Felt United 2017. Here’s to creativity, worldwide friendships, collaborations, and of course, our love of feltmaking. 

Together, We Felt United,

Dawn Edwards and Nicola Brown

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Author:Dawn Edwards/Felt So Right

I am a felt/fiber artist and instructor. I love to share the joys of feltmaking with others, having taught within the U.S. and internationally. I specialize in fun, out-of-the ordinary felt hats sold under the name of Felt So Right through specialty retail, boutique and gallery shops throughout the United States.I live in Plainwell, Michigan, where I work from my home studio. I believe that we are all artists....That it is the soul deep need to create. I love and appreciate so many of the arts, but I have found my passion through feltmaking. I find such joy in the alchemy of turning a few ounces of wool into a thing of beauty, limited only by the imagination and I find that the unique sculptural and color possibilities always inspire creativity. I have studied feltmaking with renowned felt and fiber artists from around the world. Feltmaking has truly opened windows to the world for me and I am grateful for this most wonderful opportunity. www.feltsoright.com


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