2017 Felt United Announcement…Collaboration Theme.

Nicola and I spoke via Skype this morning, putting our heads together, and came up with what we hope you will find to be an exciting theme where you and another artist, or artists, collaborate on a piece together. Perhaps that might be with someone in your own home, across the street, or even across the globe. I particularly love this focus as the first thing that comes to my mind when thinking of Felt United is a bringing together, and while that’s typically been a bringing together of feltmakers, for this year’s theme, your collaborative piece allows you great freedom in conceiving brand new ideas in partnership with another. While you may certainly collaborate with another feltmaker, your options are not limited by this. Perhaps you might like to collaborate with a silversmith, leather-worker, blacksmith, ceramicist, a poet/writer, etc. … So long as the main body of work is felted.

We hope that you will agree that this is a good fit for Felt United … Artists, perhaps working across different artistic media, yet producing a unified work. Whether you choose to work with another feltmaker, or choose to create a piece with an artist of another media, your creation will be the fusing of two (or more) artistic ideas/styles, creating a very unique work. We think this will be an opportunity for all involved to work with someone whose work you have admired….and for both of you to not only learn more about one another’s work, but more about each other.

Please start thinking about who you might wish to team up with to interpret this year’s theme. We will all eagerly await your photos on our Facebook site, and please do share information about your collaborative process.
Together, We Felt United.
Dawn Edwards and Nicola Brown
P.S. Just a reminder for those of you who may be new to the group, or as a refresher for all, that Felt United is celebrated around the world on the first Saturday of October, this year’s date being October 7, 2017.
If you will be hosting an event for this year’s Felt United, please be sure to paste a link to your event on the Felt United Events page, so that others might be made aware of your happening.

Lastly, just a few reminders, regarding Felt United membership:
“Acceptance into the Felt United group indicates that you agree to post photos of felt inspired by the current theme only. When posting your photos, please include information about you, your collaborative partner and your submission. Remember, please no photos with links to selling sites (there are other sites for this and that is not the goal of Felt United). We ask that you give due consideration and thought into what you post and make this a meaningful experience for all. Again, this year, we would request that you limit your photos to no more than three images per submission and we would appreciate no more than one submission per week to be uploaded by any individual member due to the rapid expansion of our group.”

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Author:Dawn Edwards/Felt So Right

Dawn Edwards is a felt artist and tutor based in Plainwell, Michigan USA. She sells her work under the label ‘Felt So Right’ and teaches extensively within the USA and internationally. Her felt art has appeared in numerous exhibitions, shows, magazines and books. For more information, see www.feltsoright.com.


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