When we started this world wide Felt celebrating event, a lot of thought went into the ‘why?’..

Why did we think about setting up such a day and for who?

The main idea behind FeltUnited is that those who work with felt,  for a living or for their hobby, could, with all the other felters around the globe, have a special day to show each other, their neighbourhood, community, city, country, globe, what they do and make with felt. The theme we have each FeltUnited year is in fact ‘just’ a tool or hook.

FeltUnited gives us a special day to, as we already so often said, rock the world a bit. This idea is the same :) although the site and other things might have changed.

In the beginning people asked how they could participate and what they could do and we talked about it on the web and via emails and soon saw other and new ideas emerge. Where we talked about the possibility of a Felt guerilla, people took it one step further. When we mentioned collaboration, people set up amazing connections. (The Battle coat made by;Joni Cornell, Australia. Victoria Clegg,Greensboro,USA. Dawn Edwards, Plainwell, Michigan. Althea Bilodeau, USA. Ginny French, Fairfield, USA. Lisa Kaftori, Israel is such a perfect amazing example) . Other amazing things were set in action, gorgeous creatures were set in windows, hung on fences. Lovely ladies were suddenly wearing colourful felt pieces in parks. Rocks and houses were dressed and people came together, contacted each other and invited others to take a look. Schools were involved, exhibits put up in museums and studio’s were opened for public.

It made it all clear again perfectly clear. FeltUnited is about you guys. About your ideas, your work and your enthusiasm.

So, if you have any plans for FeltUnited 2012, anything you want to share with us on the subject, feel free, we’d love to hear from you. If you are looking for collaborations we might be able to help. And if you want to advertize an event or exhibit you can either send the info or post the info yourself on the Exhibition page or FeltUnited Facebook page. If you are in need of a kick start or buzz, you might want to click on ‘About’ and see the exhibits in the scroll down menu.

Good luck!

Fire piece by Elis Vermeulen 2012

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Author:Dawn Edwards/Felt So Right

I am a felt/fiber artist and instructor. I love to share the joys of feltmaking with others, having taught within the U.S. and internationally. I specialize in fun, out-of-the ordinary felt hats sold under the name of Felt So Right through specialty retail, boutique and gallery shops throughout the United States.I live in Plainwell, Michigan, where I work from my home studio. I believe that we are all artists....That it is the soul deep need to create. I love and appreciate so many of the arts, but I have found my passion through feltmaking. I find such joy in the alchemy of turning a few ounces of wool into a thing of beauty, limited only by the imagination and I find that the unique sculptural and color possibilities always inspire creativity. I have studied feltmaking with renowned felt and fiber artists from around the world. Feltmaking has truly opened windows to the world for me and I am grateful for this most wonderful opportunity. www.feltsoright.com


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One Comment on “When we started this world wide Felt celebrating event, a lot of thought went into the ‘why?’..”

  1. June 3, 2012 at 00:27 #

    I love FeltUnited…Such a great opportunity to join together In our shared passion.

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